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Find out who you are, what you want from life, and what's getting in the way.

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The voice in your head is NOT you…

It’s a confusing mix of “outer voices” — subconscious learnings from parents, teachers, social media, etc.

And your own “inner voices” — your truest thoughts, beliefs and values.

Separating “outer” from “inner”, you can start learning who you really are and living a life that is truly yours.

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Are "outer voices" holding you back?

Everyone has their own “outer voices” — some louder than others!
And some that have haunted us for so long they feel like an inescapable part of our identity.
See if you resonate with any of the common "outer voices" below…

As you learn to recognise & quieten your “outer voices”,
you can start living a life that is truly your own.


We work 1-2-1 with people to blablabla —> Hear from people we've helped separate inner vs outer voices and the transformative impact it's had on their lives. Many people —> diagnosed with depression, anxiety, etc. —> alleviates



I've built pretty handy sites powered by Craft or WordPress in the past, but seeing @framer tackle CMS stuff so effortlessly is mind-boggling



The scroll variant in @framer hits differently. Never imaged that making some complex things would be easy with that. Everyday i learn something new with Framer.



Honestly the @framer publish time is insanely fast. Just published 2 weeks of changes in 5 seconds – like it’s almost too fast for such a big moment.



I learned how to build a website in @Framer! My goal was to learn the basic tools in about 20 minutes a day last week. Nothing fancy. No special design. Just random elements that's responsive. If I can do it, so can you!



A quick word about @framer. Framer is forever changing the experience of designing for the web. Forget about a design tool. Once you get the basics, you're not on a design tool anymore. You're creating your product/story in the medium itself. As friendly & powerful as it is.



I was enjoying @framer a lot but I am BLOWN AWAY by their Figma plug-in. From Auto-layout to flex-box in the browser in seconds; this has completely changed how I'll build.



Websites built on @framer look so beautiful.



I have been in a @framer rabbit hole for the past 6 hours without even noticing as time goes by — its everything I love in Figma combined with everything I love in Webflow. I am in love.



Learned some basics of @framer yesterday, and today I delivered a landing page for a client. It's so unreal how small the learning curve is from Figma to @framer. Absolutely love it.


If you're wrestling with the voice in your head, speak to our team and let's see if we can help you. In as little as 30 minutes —> start to develop the ability to separate between inner and outer



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